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Getting In the Zone with Dead Stroke

How to Get Into the Zone
kyudo_shibatajpgI have often characterized my state of mind when in dead stroke as unconscious. What I mean is that I’m of no mind, a detached state of being that has the quality of pure simplicity. No distractions are possible, because they cannot penetrate what is not there. Dead Stroke is a pool players vernacular for getting into the zone. Dead stroke is potting/sinking balls on the billiards table without effort, the balls have in fact already been potted. It’s simply a matter of setting yourself in motion and realizing the goal, the eventuality.

How does one train oneself to achieve this mind state. Is there a drill or technique you can use to enter the zone at will? Many say it happens as a matter of chance, that it’s a fleeting moment, something to treasure because it may never return, so revel in its mystery when it occurs but harbor little hope that you’ll ever enter the zone again. A few espouse repetition, developing muscular memory, that the frequency of achieving dead stroke is proportional to the number of years of quality practice and play. » More »

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