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iPhone App Review, The B1nary Game

The wife calls upstairs, “Ernie dinner’s ready!” I yell back, “Be right down.” Fifteen minutes go by and the wife, a little perturbed this time, calls up again, “Ernie, your dinner’s getting cold!” I mutter, “Um… Ok.” Twenty minutes later, the wife appears at my office door, “ahem!” I look up, “Yeah?” I say. Her brow beats down me and she says, “I gave it to the dog!” and storms away. I looked up, a little confused, then switched to Speed mode.

It’s GaryVee’s fault I said to myself, yup, he’s the one that told me about this iPhone game called The B1nary Game. He said, “you’ve gotta try it Ernie, it’s addictive!” » More »

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