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Where Do You Begin To Change Your Life

About five years ago I experienced a series of life changing events that forced me to leave work and find other ways to provide for my family while I tended to these huge challenges. It required me to find motivation and make some big positive changes in my life, where everything seemed like a pile of shit.

I pushed through it all and discovered that things weren’t so bad, that if I put my mind in the right place, then a whole new world of opportunities opened up for me. I’d like to share a few of the things that worked for me, in case you find yourself in a spot that’s either forced upon you, or of your own choosing, that requires you to make some positive changes.

Let’s look at how to find that motivation to get you on the path to good change. By the way, you’ll see me often refer to the Japanese term kaizen, that literally means good change. It’s a term of art used by many people who practice process improvement. » More »

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